How to view Flash entries.

Alright, so as you may know, some LoT entries were made in flash! But, unfortunately, since flash kicked the bucket, you can no longer view these entries directly on the dA site. Well, guess what? I'm gonna tell you how you can view these entries, as well as any other .swf file on dA and other places on the web!

Using Ruffle

This is probably the most simple and easy way to view flash content online. Ruffle is a flash emulator that you can install onto your browser! Pretty cool stuff. You can install it and get more info here, on their website.Unfortunately, you cannot play .swf files that use actionscript 3 yet.

Once you've got it installed, make sure its enabled, and go to whichever entry you want to view! Lets say we want to view one of Unknown-person's entries! You know you want to~

Right above the publish date of the post is a row of buttons will be a download button looking like something below. The post must have a download button. This method will not be possible if it does not. Click that button and you'll be in a new tab displaying the flash movie.

Hooray! You can now view any downloadable .swf on deviantArt!
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Using Waterfox browser

Waterfox is a free web browser, and versions released before 2021 will have flash support, meaning you can access pretty much any available .swf on the web! However, the browser is, in my experience, a bit laggy, and you also need to download flash player.

Direct Waterfox DL: Windows | MacOS | Linux

Direct Flash player DL: Windows | MacOS

These will download them straight to your computer. Don't say I didn't warn you. And yes, these are just stolen from gaia.
Leave me alone.

The last method of viewing .swf files would be to download JUST flash player, and downloading any .swf file to your computer, then opening it up! Hope this helped.